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Hiking is a popular vacation activity throughout the world.  Hiking can involve anything from short day hikes to extended backpacking trips, such as on the Appalachian Trail.  Following are some online resources regarding top hiking trails around the world.

GORPS Top Hiking Trails
Gorp is one of the premier outdoor sites, and they have an excellent hiking resource section, including their own list of Top Ten Treks

All of the trails listed below are part of the United States National Scenic Trail network.

Appalachian Trail
Stretching from Georgia to Maine, this is the most well-known extensive hiking trail in the world.

Pacific Crest Trail
Inspired by John Muir, this is the American West's version of an Appalachian Trail, stretching from Mexico to Canada.

Continental Divide Trail
A western trail which traverses the entire north-south length of the American West, following the contours of the Continental Divide, and covering some 3000 miles.

Florida National Scenic Trail

Ice Age Trail (Wisconsin)

Lewis and Clark Trail

Natchez Trace Scenic Trail

Oregon National Historic Trail

(View the entire National Park Service list of trails.)