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Fishing is a worldwide activity, whether it be for sustenance, sport or recreation.  For many vacationers, fishing is a major factor in deciding upon a destination.  Following is a categorized list of fishing destination reviews for the recreational fisherman or woman.

Top World Fly Fishing Destinations
Alaska (June-September)
Belize (Year Round)
Christmas Island  (Year Round)
Mexico (May-September)
Argentina (November-April)
Chile (November-April)
Costa Rica (Year Round)
Russia (July-September)

Bass Fishing
Locating top destination lists for bass fishing is a bit more difficult.  Your best bet, if you are looking for destinations in the United States, is to pick a state and do a Google search for "(State) Best Bass Fishing." 

Saltwater Fishing
Click here for one guide's list of top saltwater fishing destinations.