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From the Gold Rush of the mid-1800s onward, California has been a popular travelers' destination.  Over the years many have stayed, making California the most populous state in the United States.  Outdoor enthusiasts can swim in the ocean and climb mountain peaks all in one day's time.  Many have viewed the state as a utopia. There are a variety of wonderful things to see and do, and many vacationers come back again and again.

Most of them didn't find the Garden of Eden when they crossed the state line, but California sure does look the part: Fertile valleys are nestled beneath rugged mountains, grapevines cover the hillsides and the tallest trees in the world stand high above a rocky ocean shore.

Basic Vacation Information
    California is a land of great beauty: fertile valleys lie beneath rugged mountains,
    the tallest trees in the world tower high above rocky ocean shores, and
    grapevines cover hillsides.  Vacationers come to California to enjoy the beaches,
    climb mountains, stand in awe of the massive Redwoods and  Sequoias, wonder
    at the beauty of Yosemite, ski and snowboard, and visit the state's many theme
    and amusement parks. 

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