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"Alaska. Imagine your vacation in Alaska for one moment. Your delight when you spot a grizzly bear with a cub or two in tow. That instant when the silence of a misty fjord is shattered by a pod of giant humpback whales, breaching high into the air, then crashing back against the sea. While your floatplane flies over crystal glaciers, toward the midnight sun, remember: This is Alaska. This is real. This is the adventure of a lifetime." (From the official Travel Alaska website.)

Inside Passage Region
    Alaska's Inside Passage region features lush island scenery and fjords teeming
    with wildlife, including bald eagles, sea lions, porpoises and whales.  Majestic
    mountains are carpeted with thick forests.  The region is home to the Tlingit,
    Haida and Tsimshian Indians, whose history is carved in giant totem poles.

Southcentral Region
    World-class fishing, hiking and wildlife viewing await you in this region, home of
    over half of the state's population.  The region boasts remote mountain
    wilderness and lakes, yet is accessible by road.  Rivers and lakes teem with
    world-class rainbow trout and salmon.  The Southcentral region is both wild and
    refined, serving as a gateway for your wilderness experience.

Interior Region
    Mt. McKinley stands tall in this heartland of Alaska, towering over wide
    expanses of tundra.  The region is rich in wildlife, including the magnificent
    grizzly and massive herds of caribou, as well as bird life, including the state bird,
    the Winter Ptarmigan.  Wildlife is visible from the highway that runs alongside
    Denali National Park.  In winter the northern lights are visible.  This region is
    also rich in mining history.

Far North
    The Far North is home to the Inupiat Eskimos, many who still live in the same
    way their ancestors did, carrying on lifestyle traditions.  The Gates of the Arctic
    National Park and Preserve
is located here, and the history of the region includes
    the Gold Rush.  Travel by air is necessary to visit this region of Alaska.

    This is a region for outdoor enthusiasts.  Brown bears live here among the hills
    and plains, and over 200 bird species call the area home.  The terrain ranges from
    the volcanoes of Katmai National Park to the windswept Aleutian Islands.

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