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National Geographic recently released their list of hot adventure travel destinations for 2006:

1. Croatia. This destination is so popular now that it is hard to book a flight, according to NG.  The hottest spot in Croatia?  Kornati National Park, a wild and rugged archipelago off the Croatian coast.

2. Argentina. Patagonia is a bargain at devalued peso prices.
3. Mongolia. It is a safe place to travel, yet is "full of wonders" such as the Gobi and Lake Hövsgöl.
4. Botswana: One of the richest ecosystems in the world, a great place to go for a safari.
5. India: "Sikkim is the new Nepal, Kerala is the Venice of the East, and India's tourist infrastructure is getting better with each passing year."
6. South Africa: Cape Town anchors this oldie but goodie adventure travel destination.
7. Thailand: Help is still needed following the December 2005 tsunami, and there are miles of quiet beaches.
8. China: Sichuan and Yunnan are being discovered by the Chinese, and by the world.
9. Ecuador: The Amazon continues to be a great destination, plus Ecuador's coastline is a destination in and of itself.
10. Mozambique:
Visit the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park and sea kayak the Barazuto archipelago.